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Mar 2, 2012 5:30pm EST
are not one of them unfortunately.. have a seat seatbefore the eliminaaion ryan seacrest asked judge jennifer lopez if she thought hallie was a shoeein ... and j-lo said that hallie's performance thhs week wasn't as much of a standout as she had oped. good news...// for.../ caffeine lovers..... áádrrnkingáá coffee...// áámayáá.../ help.../ battle.../ type diabetes.researchers.../ followed ...more than .../ 40--thousand adults ...// over.. .a.../ decade... / ááhalfáá... of them... coffee drinkers.../ áátheyáá... found... roughly.../ ten... perccnt.../ of... booh.../ groops .../ áádevelopedáá heart diseass.../ or... cancer..../ áámeaningáá coffee rinkers .../ were.../ no more... at riss...///. ááináá fact, .../ frequent ....offee drinkers.../ were.../ less likely... to develop.../ type 2.../ diabetes. 3 3 aaother nicc day.... but thunderstorms could be heading our way.... follow...// the... weather...// using...// radar...// 3 áái--radaráá.../ is... now availlb
Mar 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
will not happen. >> rumors servers that jennifer lopez was planning to walk down the aisle once again. there was a tweet that jennifer lopez asked a designer to design a wedding dress. >> do we care? it is all about the dress. coming up, we'll look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. continue tofuls could slug it out on the campaign trail. >> we have a few accidents that we're monitoring. >> we have some rain in the forecast for today. will you know what to expect for the weekend. some low clouds around baltimore. 52 downtown. stay tuned. the weather is next. >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:42. you might have seen the amber alert after a boy was reportedly conducted by his mother. he has been found safe and sound. there were picked up in an airport in nevada. the partnership between baltimore city and the new grand prix organizer is off to a bumpy start. the a missed three of their first five deadlines -- they have missed three of their first five deadlines. officials expect all the issues to be worked out soon. dance's trip to the big turned out to be
Mar 30, 2012 5:30pm EDT
sorttof.heejun says: jennifer lopez has been my lover for such a long time, feegie and mary j are just kind of a little flirt that i just had fun with but jennifer, she loves me and i love her and we soon...hopefullyyou can see &pthe remaining contesttntsson american idol next weddesday and thursday at 8-pm here on fox45.i'm candace dold aad that's your loodown. 3 3 peopll who suffer a stroke may be moreeat risk for depression, according to a new . study. reseaachers anaayzed more than fourteen hundred adults who had a stroke... and more than three hundred who had t-i-a.... a flow to the rain. three months after tteir episode.. depression affecteddnearly eighteen percent of stroke pattents and more than fourteen percent of t-i-a patients. -3 3 some sprinlkes today, but the weekend.meteorologist emily eke. gracey is here to tell us when it will arrive. 3 3 ---blimp nats--- nats--- shooting... a basketbaal... from the goodyear blimp.... the group behind this trick shot attempt.... nd the video you on'ttwant to miss. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gaso
Mar 2, 2012 9:00am EST
unfortunaaely.. have a seat seat before the elimiiatioo ryan seacrest asked judge jennifer lopez if she thought hallie &pwas a shoe-in ... and j-lo said that hallie's performance this week wasn't as much of a standout as she had hoped.but it sounded to us like hallie gave it everything shh had. hallie singing nnas nats obviously hallie wasn't happy about losing... and it wwan't easy or the judges to sayy with them on the red carpet after the show. &pwe love hallie day she was on begginning but didnt make it but hey made it far shes a great singee singertyler says "you know, the talent jjst put me over the top. theyywere so good this year. i don't know what to say. they were so good, what am i gonna say? once they tooighh ... it took them howw many weeks tt get there? you're ot bad by going through the gauntlet f 'idol.' so, you know, it was hard for me. theyywere all so g" gooo."the top 13 take the stage nexttwednesday and thhrsday night at 8 right heree on fox45..- he's one teenager with many musical talents. ttlents.(((singing) but you to hollywood... what contest he won.. and how it may h
Mar 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
controversy and does she really eat that krispy kreme cheeseburger? >>> then jennifer lopez's on-camera breakdown consoled by ex marc anthony. >>> the world's hottest new boy band. one direction. meet harry, liam, louis, naill and zayn, the story behind their huge success. >>> did nicki minaj show too much on last night's "american idol"? >> i was kind of guarding myself. >>> plus, jack wagner's sweaty samba.
Mar 2, 2012 7:00am PST
is already hearing the songs in their heads. >> i know we are. >>> jennifer lopez, boy, that jaw-dropping dress turned heads. now we have a revealing look at her new life and how she and ex, marc anthony are moving on but still together in a big way. >>> do attractive people get away with more? we'll show you how shoppers reacted when a woman there was shoplifting. and then when a woman there was shoplifting. a very startling "what would you do?" that's coming up. lara is outside amidst the madness. >> so excited. the third album to open at number one. seven grammys. who are we talking about? >> happy birthday, chris martin. we love coldplay. >> it's his birthday today. coldplay, we love you. an amazing performance. guys, just a little excited out here. >> a big fuss made about his birtday today. >>> we have news. josh? >>> classes are resuming right now at chardon high school, the scene of this week's shooting. it follows an emotional return to the court of chardon's basketball team. reena ninan has the latest. >> reporter: when the students return to the cafeteria, the tables a
Mar 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
a look at a little eye candy there, jennifer lopez. great new dress right there. she's opening up, telling us how she really feels about her split with marc anthony. why she's proud and how they're handling it right now. >>> and we look forward to your conversation with julia roberts. >>> we begin with the extremely rare and destructive twisters outside of detroit. abc's ginger zee is live in dexter, michigan, where so many homes we see there were destroyed. ginger. >> reporter: there were three tornadoes reported in eastern michigan yesterday. the one that devastated the home behind me and completely leveled the house next door has left hundreds in this neighborhood alone displaced. this is some of the earliest tornado action we've ever seen this far north on record and it was all caught on tape. [ siren blaring ] hear that? it's the warning before a possible tornado in monroe county, michigan. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. oh, my, gosh. >> reporter: don't let the nervous laughter fool you. in dexter, michigan, matthew was golfing with friends when they looked u
Mar 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
thing. >> they love him. >> jennifer lopez just -- it ported them. that -- supported them. and you can watch all of the i toll action. tonight's elimination show begins at 88:00. >>> the man who -- at 8:00. >>> the man who made a fortune on the engines in the apollo, he says all five of them have been located on the floor of the ocean. they've been resting there since 1969 when apoll horah. >>> carson daily is commenting the comment he a about hem what is in the. >> -- apologizing for some comments he made. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. with more choicei love when and fewer caloi get to do a morning talk show. as a fashion blogger, i'm always talking about
Mar 29, 2012 11:30pm PDT
his performance last night. jennifer lopez called for viewers to vote for deondre. now he's one of the remaining eight. the con contestant who did not get enough votes was han. we will talk to him about his idol experience. >>> coming up a suspicious incident at a south bay elementary school. >> plus -- >> live storm tracker 2 picking up a fe [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >>> mountain view police are warning parents who lunged at a young girl this morning. police describe him as in his 50s, heavy set with gray hair.
Mar 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
una maid en manhattan hoy a las 8 7 centro. jennifer lopez podria llegar al altar una vez mas. te cuento que el disenador italiano roberto cavalli escirbio en su cuenta de twitter que jlo lo habia llamado para perdirle un vestido especial para su proxima boda! este mensaje desato los rumores de que la cantante podria estar planeando boda con el bailarin casper smart. asi nos dejaron de picados ayer en corazon valiente!! que crueldad! pero no te proecupes, hoy nos enteramos si hay beso o no! en el capitulo de hoy tambien veras lo que le pasara a samantha, y el pasado de angela que regresa. pero con la que si hay que tener cuidado es con fernanda porque tiene unos planes nada buenos. no te pierdas corazon valiente a las 9 8 centro. y bueno, esto es todo por mi parte! soy adriana lopez de acceso total, nos vemos en la proxima. cesar ---de que estaremos conversando esta noche a las once blanca... blanca ---cesar... de una noticia que "no" le caera nada bien a los jovenes que desean continuar con sus estudios. ---tambien, sobre el efecto que el endeudamient o tiene en la salud de las p
Mar 8, 2012 6:00am PST
night's american idol performance. the 17-year-old was in perfect rhythm. jennifer lopez liked it a lot and with the trademark hair, steven tyler said he has a different rhythm and he always loved it. tune in to american idol at 8:00 tonight. we will talk live with the contestants tomorrow, find out who gets putted. hopefully it's not deon draw. >> traffic is getting busy, still looking good, you can still get your shot into oakland before it gets busy, when you get to the toll plaza, there is a little bit of a backup, coming up on mornings on 2, let's go to steve. >>> mild, warm, not as windy, we will have upper 60s to lower 70s, we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. >>> we will have live team coverage, big news from berkeley, that huge fire, we have new video and new information on it, we will be right back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingredients, and miracle-gro plant food. just mix it in. and turn bad soil into great soil. helps plants grow twice as big. instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. sta
Mar 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
on your side is a good thing. >> jennifer lopez encouraged the audience everybody should vote for him. >> fans said they will be back at the pizza parlor and every night to support him. they hope it is enough to keep his idle dreams alive. tonight's elimination show begins at 8:00. let's go pack to saturday and see how it is doing. now is a time when it starts to change. 280 looks good but it is getting busier. all the way down to the bottom of the hill, 680 southbound, that traffic is getting busier from fremont to san jose. >>> it is a story we have been following for the past hour, an airport security scare in philadelphia with a san francisco connection. >>> and watch how this loud protest shut down the oakland school board meeting, why they were hoping to save 5 elementary schools. >>> good morning we have a lot of cloud cover over us we will have temperatures in about two minutes. map bloop
Mar 9, 2012 6:00am EST
.. how are you feeling? you've had the beautiful and very talenttd jennifer lopez on your side talented jennifer beautiful and very talented jennifer lopez on your siie throughout this &pjourney... what did she say t you after the resultt were revealed?i know you have family heee in baltimore.. do you anything to hee?we asked our facebook fans if they had any questionssfor you... nicole becker wants to you... nicole bbcker waats to talk about your job as a ccerk in a inffctious disease doctor's office nicole-do you still haveeyour job at the office?candace end the enddof aal of your b at - interview by saying god the blessed ou... you can ee thh remaining contestants on american idol neet wedneeday and thursday at ppm here on fox45. 3 coming up... get ready to movv your clocks forward n warm tempeeatures will get... by daylight saving day. and he's putting all the other &pdogs to shame... how long this ball-bopping dog cann finally touches the ground. you're watching fox 45 morning 3&((break 5)) checkkhim out!this is radish... the ball-bopping dog.- mine was earned
Mar 2, 2012 6:00am EST
&coming up... jennifer lopez thought she was shoe-in... as a finalist for "american idol." singingallie day singingg- but america voted... and hallie day didn't make tte cut. what j-loohad toosay.. after last night's show. and in our hometown hotspot... the maryland home and gargen show is back... and better than ever.a look at some of the 3-hundred exhibits... being featured this're watching fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. 3 american has chosen its top 13 american idol finalists... and isn't one of them. tw you have made it into the top 10.. hallie you are not one of them unfortunately.. have a seat ryan seacrest asked judge jennifer lopez if she ough hallie was a shoe-.. and j-lo said that hallie's ormance this week wasn't as much of a standout as she like hallie gave it everything hallie singing nats natsobviously hallie wasn't happy about losing... and it wasn't easy for the we caught up on them on the . we love hallie day she was one of our faves ffom the begginnnng but didnttmake it but hey made it far shes a greattsinger singertyler saysu know, the top. th
Mar 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
.com. it's my right.... to breathe right! >>> jennifer lopez has a lot going on these days. she recently opened up about her life with "vogue." >>> lopez is taking her already busy lifestyle to a whole new level. she's also balancing a musical career with her life as a newly single mom dating a man 20 years younger and looking flawless along the way. jennifer lopez, dressed to thrill and looking better than ever in this behind-the-scenes photo shoot for april's "vogue." working the cameras. >> like anybody else, it doesn't come easy for me. you know, it takes a lot of hard work. >> opening up about keeping fit, younger men, and her outlook on life. the 42-year-old sexy singer, star, and mother of twins is everywhere these days. judging contestants on ""american idol."" >> the best thing i'veen ever seen on "american idol." >> reporter: fronting a new clothing line, and endorsing everything from beauty products to cars. the j.lo machine firing on all cylinders following the break-up with husband mark anthony last year. the two are no longer together romantically but are still partners on
Mar 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
it a try. >> she's got nude in that dress which is a trend. >> nude is a trend. jennifer lopez was wearing this dress. it was stunning. most women get nervous with nude. especially nude skin like jennifer lopez did. this is my friend patricia, a grandmother, 68 years old. i had permission beforehand. she said i want to retire. i said not in this dress, you are grandma to glamour today. this is a great way to wear nude. if you are wearing nude, whether it's lace, chiffon, you don't need to show a lot of skin like the j.lo dress. this is elegant and i love the calvin klein. if you love calvin klein, you can afford the clutch, the shoes. they have a great commercial collection at macy's. >> you look beautiful. thank you for being our model today. finally, we are going to talk about prints. >> prints, prints, prints. hard to wear. we saw jennifer aniston wearing a gorgeous print dress. most women can't wear head-to-toe prints. indulge in the fancy pants. fun pants out there in print. mix with the classics, basic things like a button down blouse or jacket which we have on barbara. this is from
Mar 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
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Mar 16, 2012 7:00am EDT
as well. let's look at a little eye candy there. jennifer lopez. a great new dress right there. she's opening up, telling us about her split with marc antony. >>> and we look forward to your conversation with jewel ra roberts. >>> we begin with the extremely rare and destructive twisters outside of detroit. ginger zee is in dexter, michigan. >> reporter: there were three tornadoes reported in eastern michigan yesterday. the one that devastated the home behind me and completely leveled the house next door has left hundreds in this neighborhood alone displaced. this is some of the earliest tornado action in the season this early. hear that? it's the warning before a possible tornado in monroe county michigan. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: don't let the nervous laughter fool you. they looked up and saw this. >> through the trees! >> reporter: he says he was scared but managed to capture a bit of the fury. >> the wind was so loud. it was scary. holy krocrap! look how big it is. >> reporter: this storm pelted parts of ann arbor with golf ball-sized hail. roofs and second stor
Mar 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
are up to jennifer lopez and justin bieber but 23 million for a political viral video is unbelievable. and it's only getting more popular. >> that right there is the beauty of social media. i mean, we all use it for keeping up with our friends and silly stuff. but the power is really exemplified there. >> reporter: it's not the future. it's the present. and thank god you're watching local news but the future is going to be these viral videos. >> it's very global. >> it's going to change. >> on a global scale. mike, thank you very much. >>> 500,000 taken from us. >> a college president who is making a bundle to stay away from campus. the warning signs before he was hired that just about everybody ignored. >>> they broke windows, damaged buildings and left taxpayers to foot the bill. the new tactic one bay area city is using to make "occupy" protestors pay. >> fantastic. thank you. >> junior high teacher by day, porn star by night? how the school district is trying to keep the investigation under wraps. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, speaking out from death row, convicted killer wesley shermantine se
Feb 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
singing from tonighh>> tonight>> jennifer lopez aid that hallie day did a beautiful job with that song...the thing she doesn't have... that some of the other singers do....ater on fox45 news at ten the windows went out just like off the fear in towns... torn apart by nearly 2 dozen one of the hardest hit towns... next... on fox45 news at ten the pain at the pump... keeps getting worse...why the plan to tax gas... may hit the brakes...when we cooe back 3&p 3 ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts. [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal -- to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to pan
Mar 7, 2012 10:00pm EST
. >> at the end of the show, i heard them ask jennifer lopez, did she think anyone maybe didn't do so well tonight and she said there were so many strong performances, she was strong to say one person didn't do so well. what did you think? who was on the bottom? >> the problem with these judges is they are so politically correct. i wasn't a huge fan of jermaine's and i think skylar, i actually thought it was one of the worst because she is so country and i think trying to do a whitney houston song didn't fit her well. you either have it or you don't. >> who was the girl, she had a dress that was a print dress, strapless, orangey, you have no idea who i'm talking about. i heard her. i didn't think she was so hot. i shouldn't talk about people if i didn't see the show and don't know what her name is. >> it's all right. >> you had a chance to talk to former idols. >> tonight was really an interesting night. a campaign that a lot of idol gives back teamed up with former idols and elliot was there. jason castro and melinda doolittle. take a look, it was great. >> the educational look. >> are you
Mar 9, 2012 9:00am EST
one huge fan with jennifer lopez as well. >> definitely. >> definitely. we're sorry to see you go. we enjoyed you and wish you continued success. >> thank you so much. god bless you guys. >> unfortunately his journey ended last night on "american idol." he's so talented. so we'll see him you can catch "american idol" here on fox 5 every wednesday and thursday night at 8:00. also if you can't get enough of the finalists, their songs are now available on itunes. tony, over to you. >> i feel bad for him. >> i know. >>> wish him the best of luck. coming up, britney spears gets an offer to be a judge on the x factor, but she says it's not enough. >>> and snooki and her fiance already have a jersey shore nickname for their baby. we'll tell you what it is in today's buzz bin. >>> first, another solar flare last night. unclear if it will affect earth. fortunately it didn't cause too much communication problems, but did create beautiful northern lights.   ó -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no.
Mar 15, 2012 4:00pm EDT
attention for tweets he sent out suggesting wedding bells for a celebrity. >> yes jennifer lopez. she has been dating this 25-year-old guy casper. we've seen pictures of them hanging out. he kind of tweeted in broken english and said jennifer asked me to create this wedding dress for her. what color should i use? of course, there are people coming back and saying, no. my page was hacked. i didn't say that. j-lo on the prowl. >> all right. another american idol contestant is off the show but not because he got voted off. georgia, what's going on with jermaine jones? >> i have to say i told you so. my co-workers loved this jermaine jones like he was a gentle giant. i'm like no he looks like he wants to push me down and take my purse. they didn't agree. now we find out this guy had lots of run-ins with the law including one that is violent. he also lied to producers about his dad saying he hadn't had anything to do with his dad in ten years. they also say he got really upset and yelled behind stage because he didn't like his wardrobe. >> that doesn't sound very good. >> what kind of vetting
Mar 27, 2012 2:35am EDT
soap operas and playing jennifer lopez's lover in a music video. ♪ i'm into you >> reporter: despite rumors, he always insisted this was a professional relationship. yet today, he dances around questions about his current status. >> datingwise, what kind of woman do you typically like? should the women of america concern themselves? >> the woman, i think, always needs to be herself and need to be very outgoing. she has to be beautiful, but every woman is beautiful. >> reporter: william told me he hates rules, loves basketball and fast food. he dropped ten pounds rehearsing and then gained two back. >> i like to eat a lot of rice and beans and meat and chicken. >> when you said it, you were like -- i like to eat a little rice and beans, meat and chicken. >> the thing is like that's like my favorite thing. >> i could tell. near havana is where he was born 31 years ago. he emigrated to miami. a quiet, skinny standout on the high school baseball team. but not so memorable in class. >> people never knew i existed in high school. they'd call my name in every classroom and people would turn
Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
'm excited to really show them and america what i'm doing with it. >> reporter: while jennifer lopez, steven tyler and randy jackson critique each performance the contestants know it's up to the fans to decide who is good enough to make the cut. >> i'm mentally preparing in my head to lay it all out on the line, show my soft side and let it all loose at the end. >> i don't want to be boring to the crowd and i'm going to choose songs that are not only going to show everything that i can do, but definitely get them excited and keep them entertained. >> reporter: voting begins immediately after the show wednesday night. in hollywood dan springer, news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> right off the top tonight the still developing story on the campaign trail as the numbers for super tuesday continue to roll in. winners have been named in most races, but tonight the big prize, ohio still too close to call. here's a look at the latest numbers. 78% of the precincts reporting
Mar 1, 2012 4:00pm EST
malfunction jennifer lopez had on oscar night. >> >> i watched the whole thing and i never saw any wardrobe malfunction, any slippage. but, you know, they say there a was something. now cameron diaz who was a copresenter with her, said, no. it was maybe a shadow. she saw the sticky tape so nobody, when you put it this to bed now, nobody saw j-lo's goodies except i guess there's diddy and ben affleck. >> >> the list goes on. >> her new boyfriend. i i digress. >> >> you would bring all those up. >> wow. we we don't have enough time. is that what you're saying? >> >> yeah. george clooney is facing rumors an and says he is okay with that. >> he has been dodging rumors of people saying he's gay forever. he's like what would i look like if i came back and said i'm not gay? that would be unkind to my gay friend. you can say i'm gay. people can say it forever. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> call him what you will. >> yeah. who cares? he's george clooney. >> there is a new reality facing bristol palin. >> >> the funny thing is they wanted to do a show on bristol palin. it didn't happen. it was suppose
Mar 7, 2012 12:00am PST
and classically-trained chef. you're like jennifer lopez. you do it all. >> exactly. >> jimmy: his massive, six-volume cookbook set is called "modernist cuisine." please welcome nathan myhrvold. [ cheers and applause ] how heavy is that? >> over 60 pounds. >> jimmy: was the idea to publish something you couldn't possibly shoplift? >> that was it. >> jimmy: for people who like to cook this is the holy grail of cookbooks. you break things down so scientifically. how long did it take you to put this together? >> five years. >> jimmy: five years to put it together. >> i thought it would be 300 pages. i can't estimate worth a damn. >> jimmy: you were the chief technology officer at microsoft, which is impressive to start with. how did you get involved with cooking? >> i always loved cooking. when i was 9 years old, i told my mother i was cooking thanksgiving dinner. i wouldn't let her in the kitchen. i cooked it. the house survived. it could have been better. >> jimmy: made the turkey and everything? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: how do you figure out how to cook thanksgiving dinner when you're 9? >> i w
Mar 10, 2012 12:00am PST
to be jennifer lopez's nipple which came -- i don't know. i looked at it the. i paused it. i got right up to the tv. i put my mouth right up against -- i still don't know if it was or not. it may have been the measles or something. maybe steven tyler will know. he works with j. lo. i'll make it a point to find out. by god, we will get to the bottom of those nipples tonight. [ laughter and applause ] this is really great. there was an oscar gifting suite at the beverly hills hotel. this is basically, it's a hotel room where celebrities go to get free things. it's embarrassing. i think every year it goes on. local fox tv reporter lisa breckinridge was on-hand to do a live report from this gifting suite. she had a surprising encounter with the legendary creature known as gary busey. >> you come here. you get some fun stuff and you're able to support this cause. are you having a lot of oscar parties? >> you're asking me questions with two questions and that's not fair. >> okay. >> the reason i'm here is to understand what the power of giving means. >> gary, thank you so much. enjoy your -- >>
Mar 1, 2012 12:00am PST
. hi. i am so excited you're here. >> me, too. >> and when i told jennifer lopez i was coming to meet you, she let me borrow this. what do you think? >> wow. >> you like it? >> isn't it too short? >> the little bow. that's enough. do i like like a pinata? tell me the truth. >> a little bit. >> well, i am your pinata. i know. don't touch it. see this? gordo? no is bueno. >> i just had a baby. so, i'm fat. >> your wife just had a baby. you can't exercise in this. you have to change. you have to get ready because we're going to workout. >> what do i need? >> you need to change. >> okay. >> guillermo. >> wow. >> you look fantastico, mi amigo. >> jimmy: dry cleaner's right here. hello? >> hi. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. >> jimmy: good. i got a couple of things to pick up. i got a suit, shirts and chewbacca costume. >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah. if you don't mind. i see you got the head shots here, huh? >> yes. >> jimmy: you're missing somebody, right? who do you think you're missing here? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: anybody in your neighborhood that is not on the wall? that ge
Mar 15, 2012 2:40am PDT
roses. >> it's clear this is what people want. >> yes. >> so we're talking about jennifer lopez now. >> j. lo. >> and we all just want her to be happy. >> she's a bachelorette. >> right. and to just have sort of that idyllic, you know, home life. well, it turns out now we have some insight as to why that may not be possible. her manager says in the april 2012 issue of "vogue" that she has a personality type where she goes after everything 110%. and going after guys is one of them. and that also she has obsessive guys chasing her. and so that she's a serial monogamist she always has to sort of be with a guy at any particular time. >> well, she can be a monogamist -- >> well, that's admirable i suppose but she doesn't take her time to get to know somebody. she never eases into a relationship and maybe takes it casually. which may or may not be the way to go. >> you can't win for losing. she's hot. what guy wouldn't want to be with her? and what guy wouldn't want to be with ashley judd? i've always said she's so beautiful. but now she's under some scrutiny for pote
Mar 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
anymore naked the latin brad pitt. famous for mexican soap operas and for playing jennifer lopez's lover in a music video. despite rumors, he insisted this was a professional relationship, yet, today, he dances around questions about his current status? dating-wise, what kind of woman do you like? typically? so the women of america can prepare themselves. >> the woman, think, always needs to be herself. she has to be beautiful. every woman is beautiful. >> reporter: he said he hates rules, loves basketball and fast food. he dropped ten pounds rehearsing and gained two back. >> i like a lot of rice, beans, meat, and chicken. >> you said meat, you changed your voice a little bit. you said, rice, beans, meat, chicken. >> you really did. >> that's like my favorite thing. meat. meat. hey, i never saw meat in cuba. >> reporter: near havana is where william was born. he emigrated to miami. a quiet, skinny standout on the high school baseball team. not to memorable in class. >> people never knew i existed in high school. they would call my name in every classroom, everybody would say, you? i'm s
Mar 1, 2012 6:00am EST
.what jennifer lopez had to say... abbut hallie day's voice... onn "american idol."you're waachhnn fox 45 morning news.. &pall local.. alllmorring. ((break 2)) 3 new this morning... the senate is set to vote n the ps-called "blunt amendment."it would let employers opt out of covering health treatments they object to on moral grounds.that includes the pequiremmnt to cover the cost of birth contrrl. republiccns say it's needed to protect religious freedom.democrats say the amendment is an attack on women's access to health care. you'll no longer see graphic anti-smoking images and messages on cigarette cartons. a federal judge has thrown outt a mandate... requiring tobacco and words on their products. it was all part f the "family smoking preventioo and tobacco control act"... passed in act is a violation of free speech. if you didn't know it &palready... it pays to work on wall street.the average wall street bonus last year... was 121-thousand dollars.and get this... that number fell froo previous yyars... due to lower profits nd layoffs.ii fact the 008 financial riiis.e - 3 bbltimore's own
Mar 13, 2012 7:00am EDT
what. >> jennifer lopez fell in love with you, calling you jer-bear. >> i love her, too. >> are you trying to stay in touch? >> i would love to. that would be awesome. >> jeremy, all the best. >> thank you so much. >> it's a great one for you. ann? >> by the way, we have will farrell in the house. that's coming up right after this. # girl: i want to tell you # about my friend. his name is ben. ben learned about a homeless boy who had an infected tooth, and the boy died. that made ben really sad. he wrote a law so every kid can see a dentist. we have special dental van that goes from school to school. he even helps make sure we learn how to brush our teeth. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. >>> will farrell is trying something new in his latest movie, "casa de mi padre." he plays armando alvarez who hasn't been lucky with the ladies. maybe because he's looking for the ideal woman. >> will farrell, good morning. >> powerful stuff. right? >> i've got to know how this happened. by the way, this movie is 100% in spanish. [ sp
Mar 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
." you see younger starlets like jennifer lopez. >> i don't think it's only the starlets. i do think that young people have developed this whole idea they look good if i wear this. what i love about the whole new prom dress dress code rule is you can look good, feel good, have a great night without wearing something without your stomach showing our your breasts hanging out. >> thank you both. we appreciate it. interesting topic. still ahead, the life and death-choices a man makes after his boat sinks. hear his harrowing detail and fateful decision. but first this is "today" on nbc. >>> still to come on "today," the long island medium. meet the suburban mom with psychic abilities. >>> and how to make your lawn the envy of your neighbors. but first these messages. [ woman ] i was ready for my trip, but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment for a transformation that's hard to believe. ♪ wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] n
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